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I believe the ageing process affects our individual anatomy differently. I like to treat each patient as unique and look to enhance their best features. It is vital to listen to my patients concerns and work with them to achieve realistic outcomes. I strive to help my patients’ reflect on the outside how they feel on the inside.

About Dr Michele

Dr Michele McVie is a Cosmetic Medicine Doctor based in Auckland, New Zealand. Dr McVie has a special interest in Botulinum toxin and dermal filler injections and keeps current with the latest Cosmetic Medicine techniques.

Dr McVie graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg in 1986 and has completed extensive medical training, including two years of forensic pathology, two years of paediatrics and two years at Hospice while working in South Africa. An elective in dermatology as a medical student sparked an interest in skin conditions, especially acne. While living in South Africa she was a visiting lecturer in skin conditions at the Wits Technikon in Johannesburg.Since moving to NZ in 1993 she has been practicing as a General Practitioner at Healthzone in the AUT Millennium Institute on Auckland’s North Shore. She has recently decided to focus her practice on Cosmetic and Personal Change-focused  medicine.

Michele has practised Appearance Medicine since 1998 and is a Diplomate of the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine. She is excited to use her extensive training and skills in Appearance Medicine and is passionate about facial rejuvenation using the latest in scientifically-proven injectables. Michele believes in delivering natural looking age-defying results.


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List of Treatments

Dr Michele specialises in non-surgical Cosmetic treatments that are proven to deliver beautiful results. Use the links below to find out more about the products she expertly uses.


Latest News

Medical Life Coaching

Medical Life Coaching is often confused with Psychological Life Coaching or Life Coaching. Over my 30 years as a practicing doctor, I have developed a large number of clients that consult me to provide medically-based psychological strategies to help them navigate life's stresses. Essentially this works in conjunction (and independently of)

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Banting – Supporting a Banting Style of Eating

  Since being introduced to the concept of Banting a couple of years ago via a University of Cape Town alumni podcast I have become a firm supporter of this way of eating. As a General Practitioner of some 30 years I have become increasingly concerned about the epidemic of type 2

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The oMG! Shots

oMG! Shots - medically enhanced orgasms for women. The oMG! Shots is an advanced cosmetic-medical procedure for women designed to enhance sexual experience and heighten arousal and climax. For years men have enjoyed heightened sexual performance using medicines such as Viagra. Now there is a procedure designed specifically for women.

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